Partnering With Parents

We believe children are a gift from God and while the primary responsibility for spiritual upbringing is for parents (Deut. 4:96:711:19Psalm 78:1-8Ephesians 6:1-4), we believe the church community is to equip and assist parents in raising kids to love Jesus. For the same reason that Jesus gave his attention to kids, we believe kids grow best when nurtured by loving parents, mentors and teachers.

CrossPointe KIDS is not just about information, but transformation. We will not only teach Bible stories, but we will teach the kids how Jesus is the hero of every Bible story. It's all about Jesus. In fact, what he hope for the adults, is the same for our kids - we want them to be pointed to Jesus. We are not interested in simply modifying a kids' behavior, we're after a transformation of their hearts. A changed heart will result in Godly character and choices.


Program Overview

The children of CrossPointe have the opportunity to attend their classes on Sundays at the same time their parents attend service at 10:00 a.m. Starting at age 3 the kids go through a gospel-centered curriculum called, The Gospel Project. Parents can download the app that compliments our curriculum. 

We also have a Nursing Moms room for nursing mothers in our nursery room which is location in the same building as the cafetorium. 

Safety & care

We provide a simple and secure process for parents to check-in their children so that nobody else can get your child but you. All of our teachers are background checked and we have a HERO team in place to ensure they remain safe throughout the service. 



Family Discipleship

God calls the family to play a vital role in discipling the next generation. How this is accomplished varies from family to family and is as unique as the DNA of each home. Family discipleship isn't one-size fits all, and it isn't easy - even the most intentional Christian parents may find themselves at a loss for how to begin. CrossPointe wants to come alongside parents to help them craft their own approach to family discipleship. Though each family is unique, we believe that vibrant family discipleship can take shape through family worship and a framework of time, moments, and milestones. 

used by permission from Matt Chandler and The Village Church