The Gospel of Luke

Luke 22-24

Big Idea: We can be certain that God takes the experiences that threaten one’s identity and used them to affirm the identity of Christ.

Experiences God uses to affirm the identity of Christ
1) Experience of betrayal (Zechariah 11:12-13, Matthew 27:3 – 7)
2) Experience of rejection (Isaiah 53:3 – 10)
3) Experience of death (Psalm 16:10, Matthew 12:40, Isaiah 53:10)

Application Questions
1) In this season of life, which attribute of God is of special significance to you? 
2) If someone else were to live your life, which of your past life experiences may
give him or her reason to doubt God’s existence or His goodness? 
3) What evidence convinces you that Christ is who He said he was? Name at
least one or several. 
4) In what ways do you feel like God could provide more evidence of His
existence or His goodness? 
5) How have your personal disappointments affected how you view God?


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